2010. február 26., péntek

Porcelain jewellery

The Zsolnay-Katti Zoób eosin jewellery made a highly successful debut among both visitors and professional guests at the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture. The collection was first introduced in 2007 November at a Katti Zoób fashion show and in February, they were on display at the Fashion Week in London.
It is still actual for me with its simple, pure and unique hand made design. Currently, these unique pieces of jewellery can be seen in Budapest at the Katti Zoób Salon and are available in the Glamour outlet on Andrássy Road, as well as in the two Zsolnay shops in Pécs and those in Kaposvár and Debrecen.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

7 megjegyzés:

  1. this necklaces are so pretty!!

    and the model is beautiful too...

  2. I am ususally not a big fan of geometrical,ethnic pieces, but the onse that you posted look so beautiful, I am ready to change my mind. :-)
    You have asked me about my designs - you are always welcome to visit my site where I display my collections at www.anyacaliendo.com :-)
    Wishing you wonderful weekend and, please, do not forget to participate in my spectacular Give Away. :-)

  3. I'm not a big jewellery connaisseur but these pieces are really beautiful. Would wear them anytime!

  4. Jaj de gyonyoru nyaklanc,es itthon kaphato !

    Es a lany is! Tetszenek a nem mindennapi lanyok.
    Szuper lett volna korabban egy sminkverenyemre :)

  5. Because you are a star and you like the art, you may like this STAR!

  6. Beautiful, and really unique!

  7. very cool and beautiful jewelry! I love this post! :)