2010. február 28., vasárnap

Japanese sunset colours in Carolina Herrera Spring 2010 Collection

Today is the first day of our Spring here. The Carolina Herrera Spring collection is inspired by intricate forms woven in Japanese baskets.
The texture of fabrics, the prints, and the interlacing in the accessories are taken from patterns found on the details of these baskets.
Jackets and vests in raffia fils coupe, linen jacquard, and striped gazaar cinched at the waist are paired with shorts to create the silhouette of the new summer suit.
The colors amber, rose and caramel are dawn from the waning light cast at the end of a summer's day. The luminous quality of this light is reflected in fabrics and embroidery used for evening.

My new craze: wearing belt on a blazer

I love these sunglasses, sexy ...

Orange gold & silver pink together is a colour bomb

Simply simple & lovely pink is so dolly for a light skin
source: CH's website

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  1. Just amazing. Soft color with beautiful shapes...

  2. oh, cool post, very good colours! :)

  3. Oh I Love these colours!

    I found your blog through 'She Wore It well'. I loved the comment you left on her 'Sartorialist' post. Very well said.

    I'm a new blogger, still feeling my way around, there are so many gorgeous blogs, yours included!

    ~peace~ Dusk