2010. január 17., vasárnap

Diva's worship of High Fashion

I grew up close to the Russian world due my family enviroment and mostly due to that past political pressure (communism) which required us to learn Russian language in Hungarian schools. So, as a child I received a lot of impressions from this culture and my eyes are glittering when I realize some Russian inspirations in fashion.

The following issue has got to be the best of the year and was published in the December issue of the Austrian magazine, Diva. It features an amazing Byzantine-Icons-inspired photo shoot dedicated to those who worship high fashion. I just love the overall concept! Great shots, great models, great articles, EVERYTHING!
"They are beautiful as the angels and worship-worthy as one thousand Saints: Diva shows the precious couture creations."

Model Christina Almanova. Outfit: Jean Paul Gaultier.

Model Louise van de Vorst in Chanel.

Dress and over-the-knee boots: Franck Sorbier.

Dress: Adam Jones. Necklace: Bulgari.

Dress: Elie Saab. Necklace: Bulgari.

Coat: Christian Lacroix.

Dress: Christian Lacroix.
Earrings with diamants and emeralds.

Dress and head wear: Chanel.

Jacket and blouse: Givenchy.

Dress and bolero: Armani

source: www.hautefashion.com

Loving the mostly dominant, vibrant colours in their culture: gold, red, black, grey, yellow and blue!

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  1. It's amazing how much work was put into these images...
    They must have done a lot of research, plus some heavy Photoshopping.

    The results are stunning, and I like how you brought in your Russian cultural interest!