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Celestina Patricia - Fashion Report

I need a very expressive unique clutch for all my evening dresses. Celestina Patricia would be the best for me. These clutches are definitely unique from the ususal bag. It seems that they are selling on high prices, but I will have an eternal piece if I buy it once and I do not stain to desire the celebrity designers's bag mass production that claims and fulfils current fashion trends and a moment of caprice. So it could be a great investment, I think. I have started to save and collect money for my future purchase.

Celestina has been popular for making a good use of the natural beauty of nature to her clutches. The materials used in crafting the entire collection of bags are made in Philippines, and is perhaps the only Philippine-made bag line that is at par with other premiere designer bags. Each of her creations would make of a great alternative to the classic glitzy purses that are commonly used on evening occasions since it would create a “something new” on your facade, and even without the same shimmer or gleam effect, it would still bring a different kind of luxe appeal.

The Financial Times has said of the Celestina line, “they are exquisitely designed and will hold their appeal for years to come.” As the favorite metal of many women is silver, this is most probably a good appraisal of the delight that women who can buy the Celestina Patricia Silver Box Clutch will get from it.

Celestina Midae Black Shell Clutch

This particular clutch is made of Midae black shell that is polished, giving an ocean-like impression. It is framed in gold and has crystal clasps which obviously add to its elegance. As you would notice, the clutch also has perforated details on each of its side, making it an interesting extra for your evening ensemble. It also comes with a compact mirror which you’d surely want to take everywhere, especially when vanity strikes.

Celestina Blacklip Shell Clutch

While most of the Celestina line is made in the Philippines of natural and organic materials such as mother of pearl, paua shell and exotic woods, the sterling silver Patricia Box Clutch has women flexing their fingers in anticipation. A new vocabulary word has been revived from the French to describe these tiny masterpieces: minaudiere.
Celestina Silver Box Clutch (in all cluthes with a fancy mirror!)

Celestina Woven Silver Filigree Clutch

She designs more beautiful things at more beutiful one. Only for the visual aethetic experience it is worth the google searching time to spend.

GO and LOOK it UP BABY! &:)

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  1. Oh they are like works of art, especially the first!

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