2010. március 5., péntek

Chinese Prince of saved Lives

Breaking plates is a specail Hungarian habit on weddings in the midnight, when the newly fresh husband breaks one or more plates on the floor with his legs. Through this action is symbolized the fact that he has lost his former life and a totally new will begin. This little thing occured into my mind when I saw this artwork which uses broken plates for its design.

The artist of these stunning porcelain dress is Li Xiaofeng (Beijing, China) who came up with this genius artistic idea. It is even more special If we look that he used folk elements and inspiration directly from his own nation’s culture, China. He creates clothing from porcelain fragments from the Ming, Qing and Song dynasties and even more amazing are that they are wearable.

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source: arrestedmotion.com

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  1. That must be a really heavy one dress!!!xo xo

  2. This is so inspiring. I've never seen anything like it!

    It's almost like the broken ceramics that Julian Schnabel used to use, but taken to a whole NEW level.

  3. Wow!!!

    that is absolutely amazing!

  4. Wow! you REALLY can wear them. They are stunning. What a wonderful idea!

  5. Hello! Azt a ..., micsoda ötlet, nagyon jól néz ki! :)

  6. Oh my, that looks... painfully uncomfortable.

  7. gorgeous and so interesting!
    glad to have found you. :)