2010. február 14., vasárnap

The Paris-Shanghai Chanel Collection


These fabolous flittered hangbags were made for the Paris-Shanghai collection in honor of the Chinese New Year. As you know the label newly set up a CC store in CH and it's pretty well known that a significant group of potential buyers appeared there whom account for the majority of sales in ORIGINAL luxury goods. So, it's fitting they have bags made in honor of the largest Asian country's New Year. These bags are in the classic flap style, but covered in shiny sequins and might inspired by tipical animals of the chinese culture: golden fish, the snake, the cock (2 of 12 animals of the chineese zodiac). LOVE them!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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  1. Beautifully glitzy and glamorous.
    Loved the youtube song. It sort of gave a 'soundtrack' to listen to while viewing the images!

  2. P.S. The story behind the graphic on my t-shirt is at this link:

    It's a comedy show, which I'm not sure plays in your country. Do you guys ever watch American shows? Sorry if that sounds ignorant, but I have only been to Budapest once before.

  3. I enjoyed listening to the song (the nutcracker is so wonderful!). And i like how you incorporated the chinese new year into you post. :) happy new year and happy vday!

  4. really nice !
    great post !
    as usual !
    thx for sharing !

  5. I hope you had a hot and a sexy Valentine's Day. All the best my dear friend.