2010. február 10., szerda

Organising a floral party

However, we have snow and it is winter here, I am springing inside! &:) Since I can not change the weather, so I have started restructurising my closet and completed it with some new staff, like this floral printed Jigsaw dress. I love its natural style and close to land colours. How super it will be with my Anna Vince bow belt! Hm?! &:) I feel, floral elements will be my newer craze of the next season's apparel.

3 megjegyzés:

  1. i really like the dress!! it looks so comfortable as well. i think spring will definitely a floral-fashion season. :)

  2. I like that you are thinking about the meaning of the pattern and not just jumping on a trend. And you've chosen such a beautiful dress.