2010. február 2., kedd

The dress has such a beautiful substance that even the Sun caress it...

Hi Ladies,
Today we had lovely sunshine with a lot of snow! The sight was so nice as it is possible to see on postcards.
It was a little kind gift from the Nature and I found some shoots which express my current happiness to it.

Enjoy the following pictures from Elias Wessel!
Is the concept
You can look at the Sun but onto her not...
Flowers, petals of light ?! &:)

I love this dress, immediately fell into love with it. I wonder whether there is one like this in real, that achieves the same glittering effects through (special mirror?) flitters! Cute, easy, simple cut and not talking about the colours: nude, beige and silver! This is my label's theme.

..... I need a dress like this!

13 megjegyzés:

  1. Extra ordinary beautiful and sexy! Have a great and sexy deay my dear friend!

  2. amazing pics dear !
    So beautiful*°*°*°

  3. The dress is zamazing: so light, so chic and so sexy.And the color is divine nude. I would love to have a dress just like this too :-)

  4. amazing pictures!this dress is sooo amazing!!

  5. Tényleg mesések ezek a képek, és a ruha is!! És Budán a táj!Főleg fennt a hegyekben!

  6. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

    Follow me if you want on http://ptitevalentine-be.blogspot.com/

    x Valentine

  7. What a gorgeous effect with the sunlight...and yes I adore the dress!

  8. ohh, ilyen flittereset már én is játszottam ;)



  9. these are beautiful! i LOVE the sparkle dress!
    xox alison

  10. I love the light in these pictures, and the dress too!!

  11. O,I wanna have that dress for Valentine's day :)