2010. január 26., kedd

In the mood for ...

a Versus style haircut
I love this short hairstyle so much! It's cool, free & supersexy.

I have straight long brown hair and I am not sure whether it would be a long distance valid decision for me to cut it....but sometimes I am very bored with it. It would be a radical change and the process is irreversible or at least the hair needs many years to be long again. But to shorten it, the face refreshes and looks younger. So later, after years passes behind me I would be able to make my hair cut without any doubts and fears of the result. Till then I occasionally tousle my hair onto bushy flame one like this:

How often do you have a haircut to refresh its style?

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  1. If you can get your hair to look like this, why cut it?
    I love these 'dos...
    To be honest wavy/curly hair is my achilles heel.
    I change my hair every year or so, but then again I'm a boy :D

    PS. Thank you for that modeling comment. Very flattering... but I wouldn't know how to get involved in that.

  2. Oh, darling, do not cut your hair. The truth is short hair always look better on somebody else. I have long hair and can not tell you how many times I was tempted to cut it. Thankfully, I had enough presence of mind not to do it. You can do millions of hair styles when you have long hair and only one when they are short. Something to think about :-)

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  4. I keep my hair medium length because it doesn't look good long (it becomes a frizzy triangle), but I think long hair is more versatile.

  5. I love the crazy curl hairstyle
    for me I am just waiting to grow it out long, so its been boring!

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  6. excellent post dear !

  7. I'd probably be too scared, but if you want it, go for it!

  8. I just cut my hair last November, and at first I was very happy with it. But I have the hair, wich has to be ironed to look good in medium length. So it takes always a long time!!

  9. Yes, cut it!! It is so fun to cut your hair!! I usually grow my hair and then chop it all off ever two years! I love that feeling of a fresh, short, dangerous haircut!

  10. I prefer long hair....I have a hair cut every 2.nd months,but the same style.
    More things you can do with long!

    Have a great weekend my friend!

  11. Don't cut it!

    But then I am growing mine! :) And growing it is such a slow and painful process...the grass is always greener on the other side!

    <3 xxx

  12. Actually, I'm guilty of having the same hairstyle for several years. Because of my face shape :P