2010. január 4., hétfő

In the mood foor ...

an art deco dress

Ball time is here
I am still seeking for my best choice!

Have you got something art deco?

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  1. Happy New Year bella*°*°*
    What a nice post !!
    it's snowing*°*°*
    Wish you all the best !

  2. Happy new year, oh your pictures are always so amazing, I wih I did own something art deco, I have to look out for some, xxx

  3. love all these pictures!


  4. The 1st dress is very beautiful, the 4th is special to bad I can't see it in bigger picture :(

    Legyen szep ested ebben azen a szurke hideg Januari napon...barcsak havazna,mint itt ;)

  5. Happy 2010 sweetie!

    Ohh, ball season <3
    All these dresses are DIVINE.
    I recently went to a ball, in a dress similar to these ones, I will post about it later this month.

    Have fun shopping! I can't wait to see what you choose :)
    And thank you for your kind email...and snow! ;)

    <3 xxx

  6. I love all of those dresses!

  7. LOVE that top dress stunning :)

  8. Hello Ladies, &:)
    Thank you for your sweet comments. I hope I will find my dress, I will show you immediately, of course! However time is short, so I might have to wear sg. else from my current wardrobe and my new future baby at a later time.