2009. december 27., vasárnap

Home sweet shoots of Christmas

Some pics of our Christmas

cake - speciality!
The name is a compund of Zserbó and Mákos. The mixing idea came from two different cakes: gerbaud & poppy.

Nostalgia Christmas fondant, tastes in rum and marzipan

Delicious gingerbread according to our family's receipt. It was so soft and yummy that it gave out on the firts day :))

It was my superhealthy lunch (well, but not on the first day... ;)
Fish, lemon, Caucasian yoghurt and purple cabbage.

funny phosphorescent frog (one of my gifts for my brother)

one of my gifts for grandma - a jar with the portait of Judith by Gustav Klimt

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  1. Love your Christmas pics..Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. What a lovely Christmas celebration. That cake looks SO delish!