2009. november 12., csütörtök

Marion Donaldson: the label that brought the swinging 60s to Glasgow

Marion Donaldson has been credited with bringing the clothes of Swinging London to Glasgow, Scotland in the mid 1960s. His fashion label started with a mere £50 of capital in 1966 – is widely credited as having brought the essence of Carnaby Street fashion and swinging 60s London to the streets of Glasgow.

robably best known for her long and successful association with Liberty of London and her ultra feminine ’signature’ Liberty print dresses, Marion Donaldson began modestly by designing mini dresses and mini skirts and selling them wholesale to the fashion boutiques which were establishing themselves in Glasgow as a result of the 60s fashion revolution. The label flourished and soon Donaldson was selling her garments all over the UK and making an impact in high fashion boutiques and upmarket stores like Fenwick’s of Bond Street.

The company traded from 1966 until 1999 and the iconic Marion Donaldson art nouveau label, originally inspired by an old oval mirror picked up at auction for a song, remains an instantly
recognisable indicator of a quality garment.


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