2009. november 29., vasárnap

The Arnold GROSS copper engraving exhibition

Arnold Gross is a Hungarian contemporary graphic painter, twofold Munkácsy Prize holder and a Kossuth Prize holder.
On the occasion of celebrating the artist's 80 birthday, her wonderful pictures were shown at the Hungarian Museum of Natural Science. Of course I have visited the exhibition on weekend as he is on of my favourite painters, after my Grandma and Gustav Klimt.

It was possible to take some photos with my nice cameleon mirror looked mobile phone &:D, so I brought you some nice pieces to your pleasure and delight. Please take into account that these pictures' world is so miniature and graphicaly sewed, but I tried to do my best with the camera's macro funtcion and enhance some detailes of a picture. As you will see, there are a lot of little curious pictures on one picture. Enjoy them! &:)

But before as a guide for you....

Arnold Gross became Artist of Merit in 1987. His unique technical knowledge, fine sketching, collected compositions, symbols of his work and the cleanness of their forms and content are incomparable. This magician graphic artist is really teaching you something; yes, the dreams have sense where a dog-cat mix can sit quite peacefull on the top of the pendulum clock. They do not have to be afraid of the wrath of the traditionalist old man, who actually with his hooked stick - would prod everyone who has been dreamed up by Arnold Gross for his bluish-green and sepia-lilac grass. Arnold, the painters love will save these kind and full of joy creatures for themselves and for us. He exhibited not only in Hungary, but also in Rome, Tokyo, London, Colon, Los Angeles, Athens and Vienna.

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The celebration of pleasure

The same picture in colours...

At the window

The Garden of Memories

The fading garden

The Tordai Art Studio

Birds' World
Toys in the end of the garden

Sunny Garden

The Spring of India

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6 megjegyzés:

  1. This drawings are stunning !
    I love the garden of memories !!!!
    really nice, it's very delicate and refined*°*°*°
    have a great week*°*°*°*

  2. thank you for the comment :) I love your layout, too! Except... my name's Tegan not Bella...haha! :D

  3. Wow - these are absolutely beautiful.
    Exquisite, dreamy and magical!

    <3 xxx

  4. Wow, thanx for share, i think i would go to see the exhibition. It looks he has the similar inner world and vision to Gulácsy's... what do you think?

  5. Yes, maybe the common point of their work can be the dream land, but the motivation came from different reality. Gulácsy achive his imagination with drugs and it is commonly known that his sense of schisophrenic "illnes" also lead him to hallucination. Contra Gross is more on the Earth and is a daydreamer.Only to my opinion.
    And what's yours? I wonder to know.