2009. november 23., hétfő

All the Fun Of The Circus

It was Pyrus Japonica's (London) last year Autumn/Winter 08 collection, but it is still actual for me again in rainy, grey weather, on apatethic days… Wearing these style of clothes make me happy and emotionally expressive!

The magic design feedbacks to its wearer – lift up - and fills her with optimism and happiness. I love this smiley concept of circus , the theatrical make up, the drama of the print and frills, floral headband, the adorned basic pieces. My wardrobe is full of with these style of clothes. Even to a similar piece like these below, I just say: "it is kind of Japonicas". Am I crazy?

Grab such a combo and have fun when the Rain Clown wants to near you!

glance the photos with this music &:)


3 megjegyzés:

  1. the pictures are simply de lovely, oh I want all these outfits x

  2. so lovely ! I love all of these pics ! very inspiring