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Designer Pyrus Japonica

Pyrus Winter 2009 collection is now in stores! I love its extremly exciting and poetic creatures. Look!

The Designers
Pyrus is an independent fashion brand created by husband and wife design team Lorraine and Ashwin Johnson. The label was established in 2005 when the design-duo decided to pool their creative talent together to realise their vision of unique beauty in the form of a fashion brand.

The Brand
Pyrus is a fashion brand in London, United Kingdom. This was founded in 2003. Pyrus makes women's clothing and accessories. The clothes are prêt-a-porter (ready-to wear) ones. There is something for every woman in a Pyrus collection.

Romantic softness envelops... feminine charm sparkles... poetic fluidity flows through..

Pyrus is best known for its timeless, contemporary pieces with 1920’s Flapper influence of lowered hip lines, slim silhouettes and knee length hemlines. Each collection draws its attention to beautiful detailing highlighted by bold stylised floral prints, colours are always muted and fabrics are washed and softened to give a ‘lived-in’ feel to the garments. Broidery anglaise, cut-work, zardozi and french knots are the hallmark of each Pyrus collection.

Simplicity and style is key to the duo’s design philosophy with an oldworld look, inspired by their endless gathering and sourcing of Antique laces, dresses, vintage pieces, fabrics and books. Today, Pyrus is best known for its unique take on embroidery and embellishment that adorn each piece in every collection. Combining old and new embroidery techniques is what gives Pyrus that raw and naïve twist to an elegant design style that skirts ethnicity and presents it in a modern way.

The official site for this contemporary London based womenswear clothing brand: ww.pyrus-london.com

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